From Concept to Cuisine: The Evolution of Restaurant Interior Design in Dubai

Beyond having a mouth-watering menu and delicious dishes, restaurant interior design Dubai is essential for drawing in and keeping customers. Many restaurants, despite offering great food, often neglect the importance of their interior design. The interior design should captivate guests, ensuring they have a remarkable dining and sensory experience. Essentially, the décor and unique layout create a strong first impression when a customer enters. An attractive restaurant design serves as a powerful marketing tool, enhancing brand identity and promoting the restaurant effectively.

Hiring top interior design firms in Dubai help restaurants create experiences that takes you to another place and becomes about much more than just the food.

If you’ve recently bought a restaurant or a property in Dubai, here are some tips for designing your restaurant’s interior:

Space Plan

Given the location and the available space, the primary task for commercial interior design in Dubai is effective space planning. Most restaurant interior design firms in Dubai focus extensively on perfecting this aspect. A carefully designed layout provides a clear strategy for utilizing the space efficiently and arranging furniture optimally. This involves strategically positioning the kitchen, washroom, service counters, and ensuring clear pathways for customers and staff. While maximizing space, it’s essential to maintain a high-quality customer experience by providing enough room for privacy and comfort.


The kitchen truly is the heartbeat of any restaurant, and its design must be impeccable. Opting for an open kitchen layout can beautifully showcase your culinary team’s skills, inviting diners to witness the artistry behind their meals. Using glass and viewing panels adds a welcoming transparency, letting customers appreciate the dedication and passion in every dish. A well-lit, ventilated, and spacious kitchen ensures that the staff has ample room to cook, move around, and clean efficiently. Many upscale restaurants in Dubai emphasize their kitchens as a central feature, boosting customer confidence and enhancing the dining experience.


Creating a memorable restaurant interior is all about evoking the right emotions, and a thoughtfully chosen theme is essential. The theme should resonate with the restaurant’s culinary concept, whether it draws inspiration from a specific culture, region, or imaginative idea. A cohesive theme prevents confusion and enriches the dining experience. For example, tropical rainforest or medieval-themed restaurants are popular in Europe, while rustic, natural elements are a growing trend. The goal is to create a joyful and sophisticated atmosphere that aligns with your decor and theme.


The entrance of your restaurant is the first impression, so make it count. It should be unique, classy, and inviting, reflecting the overall theme. If your restaurant serves Japanese cuisine, consider an entrance adorned with cherry blossoms and vibrant Japanese artwork. For a seafood restaurant, an ocean-themed entrance can set the tone. A well-designed entrance not only attracts customers but also makes them feel special as they walk in.


Balancing profitability and customer comfort in seating arrangements is crucial. Fine dining typically requires about eighteen to twenty square feet per customer, though this can vary by location. Finding the right mix of tables to maximize profit while ensuring comfort is key. Beyond traditional booths and stools, creative seating choices can enhance the dining experience. Art deco chairs or eclectic finds from antique shops can elevate the restaurant’s ambiance. Even a fresh coat of paint on existing furniture can make a significant difference.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of a restaurant. It should highlight the design elements and create a magical atmosphere. A balanced mix of dim ambient lighting and natural light can create a relaxing ambiance. Task lighting for pathways or bars adds a mesmerizing touch. Adjustable lights that can adapt to different times of day and align with the brand’s colors are essential. For evening dining, warm, relaxing lights can evoke romance, and experimenting with various lighting styles can significantly enhance the restaurant’s ambiance.

Ceilings & Decor

Ceilings, when designed thoughtfully, can make a space feel larger and more inviting. Consistent use of colors, patterns, or design elements can create a sense of continuity and spaciousness. Even without grand chandeliers, a creatively decorated ceiling can be visually appealing. Avoid overly elaborate decor, as it can be distracting. Mirrors can enhance the illusion of space, reflecting light and creating depth, which is particularly useful in smaller dining areas. Natural elements like indoor plants and rocks not only look great but also boost mood and reduce stress, making them a valuable addition to the decor.


Choosing the right furniture is about more than just cost; it should complement your restaurant’s concept, be easy to maintain, and provide comfort and privacy for guests. The layout should also facilitate smooth movement for both customers and servers. Functional, stylish, and durable furniture can significantly enhance the dining experience without breaking the bank.


Don’t overlook the flooring, as it can add a creative touch to the restaurant’s decor. The flooring should complement the overall design while being safe and durable. Non-slip flooring is essential for kitchens and restrooms. Additionally, consider factors like noise reduction, ease of maintenance, and replacement. A visually appealing floor can delight guests and enhance the overall ambiance.


Colours have a profound impact on mood and decision-making. Choose hues that make the restaurant feel spacious and bright while aligning with the brand. Avoid overly bright or dull colors; instead, opt for muted earth tones or soft pastels in family-style restaurants, and vibrant colors in bar areas. An accent wall can be a standout feature, showcasing your brand colors and theme. It also provides an “instagrammable” spot, adding marketing value through social media.

By thoughtfully considering these elements, you can create a restaurant interior that not only attracts customers but also provides a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. Connect with us at create@jiospace.ae to transform your restaurant interiors in Dubai.