Space Planning & Layout

A harmonized space that comprises of functionality and aesthetics optimizes efficiency and user experience with space planning and layout design conducted by interior design firms in Dubai. At Jio Space, we passionately create surreal interior experiences. Catering to each one’s unique charm, character, and lifestyle, while our team of skilled space planners and interior designers dedicatedly work to craft spaces that reflect your vision. As a starting point of any project, it is vital to build a plan and layout that sets foundation for any greatly interior designed space. Recognized as one of the reputed home interior design in Dubai, our designers intendedly cater to your interiors with effective processes.
Space Planning & Layout

Creating Customized Space Planning & Layouts

  • Expert Space Planning:
    Our process starts with the comprehensive study of your requirements concerning the purpose of each space. We take all the measurements and do thorough assessment of your space, considering the architectural details, the traffic flow, and the natural light. We can thus achieve a practical layout that optimally employs the full potential of your house.
  • Unparalleled Design Expertise:
    Our expertise is in the diverse range of interior design styles from the timeless charm of classical design to the avant-garde of the modern minimalism. We work closely with you to grasp your dream and show it in a visually appealing and consistent design plan.
  • Local Knowledge, Global Inspiration:
    We are in a very good position to stay up to date with all the latest trends and materials in Dubai’s fruitful design industry. While doing this, we take the best from the design movements around the world to make our spaces not only specific to this region but also universal.
  • Seamless Project Management:
    We offer a full-service design experience, starting from the concept to the completion, and pay attention to every detail. We collaborate with reliable contractors and vendors and try to execute projects in a timely manner, thus limiting the disruption of your daily routine to the minimum.

Our Services Cater to All Your Needs:

Living Room Interior Design Dubai: 
We make your living room a sanctuary for relaxation and fun. The traffic flow in our space planning is optimized for effortless hosting, and the designs we employ make the space feel warm and welcoming.

  • Kitchen Interior Design in Dubai:
    The kitchen is the central point of the house. We develop functional and fashionable kitchens that correspond to your cooking style and add to your experience of cooking. Whether you are drawn to modernist simplicity or a splash of vintage rusticity, we can bring your vision to life.
  • Bedroom Interior Design in Dubai:
    Your room is your haven. We build a place of peace and quietness by using quality materials and a calming colour scheme, in addition to doing thoughtful space planning.
  • Apartment Interior Design in Dubai:
    Our competence in the field includes the use of the apartment living potential to the maximum. Space-saving solutions are used, clever storage options are applied, and multi-functional furniture is integrated to make sure that the apartment gives you the impression of spaciousness and reflects your unique personality.
  • Modern Interior Design in Dubai:
     Our unique style is demonstrated by using the latest materials and forms, straight lines, and daring layouts. We embrace the modern spirit when we are designing to create places that are both fashionable and functional.
  • Luxury Interior Design in Sharjah:
    For the ultimate in opulence, our specialized luxury interior design services are offered to those who are interested. Our selection process is rigorous; we use the best materials; we carefully choose the furniture collections; and we end up with interiors that ooze elegance and splendour.
  • Minimalist Interior Design Dubai:
    In the quest for a neat and uncluttered look? We specialize in minimalist design and use functionality, clean lines, and neutral colours in our palette to create a comfortable and serene atmosphere.

Tailored Interiors for Every Space
Our design excellence also transcends the borders of Dubai. We are providing a comprehensive interior design and layout planning service for residential spaces in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, adapting to the distinctive home style in these cities.
The search for the perfect design partner ends here Whatever your search might be, be it “interior design firms in Dubai”, “interior design companies near me” or “living room décor in Dubai”, you don’t have to search any further. At Jio Space, we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ needs by providing services that are beyond their expectations.

Commercial Interior Design in Dubai:
Being accomplished and experienced not only in residential projects but also in other types of construction, we take into account the functionality and aesthetics of commercial spaces, which include offices, restaurants, and shops.
Interior Design Architecture Dubai:
We are the connecting link between architecture and interior design. Our team works in close cooperation with architects to ensure that your space will be good-looking and will stand the test of time.
House Designers Near Me in Dubai: With us, your dream home will become the reality you have always wanted because we bring your vision to life. Our extensive knowledge and expertise are in intensive house design including space planning, interior design and architectural details.